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Arri, Red, Sony, Canon and Blackmagic work with major lens manufacturers like Angenieux, Cooke and Zeiss to provide full-frame, Academy-level image capture (4K – 8K) for professional film & television shoots.

Congratulations to Roger Deakins for winning the Academy Award for Best Cinematography on “1917,” shot on the incomparable Arri LF Package:


Large Format Cameras now offers the Arri Alexa Mini LF with Arri Signature Primes and Zeiss Zooms. Cooke Full Frame Anamorphic primes and Angenieux zooms are coming soon, so please introduce yourself, tell us about your production, filming dates, location, DP and gear list request. Through our partners in Burbank, Atlanta, NY & London, we can fulfill ANY size order, so let’s help your dreams come true.

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Other Packages Available Through our Co-Op (inquire for current rates)
 Arri Alexa Mini & Amira (3.2k)
 Canon C300 Mk II & C700 (4k)
 Panasonic EVA1 (6k)
 Red Gemini (5k), Dragon (6k), Helium & Monstro VV (8k)
 Sony FS7 (4k) & Venice (6k)
 Phantom (4K)
 VR Rigs
Co-Op Lenses:
 Super Baltars
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