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Arri Amira Arrives in Las Vegas

Arri Amira arrives in Las Vegas

Arri Amira + Angenieux Optimo 28-76


NVCameras's ANGNENIEUX OPTIMO 28-76mm zoom has arrived, perfectly fitted for our first ARRI AMIRA!

The world's foremost camera-maker is releasing its latest technology, incorporating the sensor and all the badassness of the Alexa into a light, compact package. 

Shoot HD or 2K up to 200fps in 4:4:4/ProRes, with dynamic range of up to 14 stops and built-in ND filters. We've ordered the Premium Camera Set with PL LDS mount

The Optimo's tiny package delivers cinema quality at <2kg, complementing the Amira to make the finest cinema camera package in Nevada.

We are now accepting the Amira beginning in June.


Cinema Zoom Lens Case

NVCameras now carries the CZ.2 Zeiss Compact Zooms (28-80 & 70-200mm) as alternate choices to the Angenieux. Our Focus Optics RUBY Zoom is T2.9, its wide-angle zoom covers 14-24mm, and it weighs only 3 pounds. Great for a wide variety of our cameras, platforms, and uses.

This cinema zoom case includes our Arri LMB-25 or MMB-2, several clip-on adaptors, and a Zacuto 15mm rod support.

Call for reservations today!

First Compact Zoom in Nevada! 

NVCameras is pleased to offer the first CZ.2 for rent in Las Vegas. Zeiss's newest 70-200mm T2.9 zoom lens weighs just 6.2 lbs and can fit on any PL or Canon-mount camera. Great for Red Epic, Scarlet, Arri Alexa, Canon C300, Our new 28-80mm also covers any Full-frame sensor (36x24mm).

  • No focus shift over the zoom range
  • Circular shape of iris
  • Great flare suppression
  • Calibrated focus scale
  • Colormatched with our SuperSpeed Mk I set & all other Zeiss Prime lenses.
  • Sony & Nikon mounts also available
  • Can ship anywhere in the US or Canada, eh.

Red Epic w/ Zeiss Compact Zoom & Arri Follow Focus

On your Mark-Mark-Mark!

Canon 5D Mk III with 24-70 f/2.8L IS zoom lens

To complement our selection of 7D and 5D Mk II packages, NVCameras now stocks the Canon 5D Mk III.

The 5D Mark 3 is of their best-full-frame cameras. Our sstndard package includes a Canon 16-35mm or 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM II zoom lens (also one of Canon's best), or you can select of our members' other EF-mount lenses.

You need to FOCUSArri FF-4 Follow Focus Las Vegas

The Arri FF-4 is the industry-standard Follow Focus unit for Red Epic, Arri Alexa and most other modern cameras. It now comes included in our Full Red Epic-X Package, or it's available a la carte.

RSVP +1!Red +1 Module

NVCameras now stocks the Red +1 Modulea much-needed accessory to allow Epic and Scarlet users to run both the Bomb EVF and LCD Touch screen simultaneously. Available for individual rental, or included free as part of the Full Red Epic-X Package.

We're also switching over to a light-weight 15mm carbon fiber rail system.

Check out some of our other accessories and upgrades.

TeraDek Cube 155

We're cutting the cord!

Nevada Camera & Lens now offers the TeraDek Cube 155 wireless video transmitter. You can now send HD footage wirelessly from a 3G-SGI port on your camera with only a few frames delay to iPad, iPad Retina or other local networked device. This is a great way for producers and directors to get a camera feed at video village or in their trailers without a cumbersome cable. 

We can also provide a TeraDek Bolt TX/RX for wireless video to a full-size production monitor, like our Panasonic BT-LH1710, which also has a wireless battery adaptor.

Come with us as we progress toward a WIRELESS FILM SET.

The Cube is available as an upgrade on our  Red Epic-X Package.

HoverJib... turn your video into a movie!

  We're Taking Off!  

Nevada Camera & Lens now offers precision aerial photography with our custom-built HoverJibs! Whether you're shooting a movie, music video, car or real estate commercial, wedding, sporting event, nature outing, or short film, you can now turn your video into a movie.

Go beyond the limits of traditional ground-based jibs and cranes. Combine high establishing shots, close-ups, dolly moves and wide, moving, action shots... all on a single take. Dream up new shots that have never been captured before. Fly closer and safer than full-size helicopters can... and at 1/10th the cost. 

Our RC camera heads feature gyro stabilization for cinema-steady shots, even in wind up to 15mph. Video preview enables your DP or Director to see what the HoverJibs are filming in real time. The tiny and (relatively) safe platforms are even nimble enough to operate indoors! 

Nevada Camera & Lens's HoverJib Aerial Unit maintains 100% safety and customer satisfaction records.

Share your aerial dreams with us, and we'll provide a custom quote!  

Red Epic-X #1957 "The Sputnik" has achieved orbit around Las Vegas!

The same model camera used on "Avatar" 2 & 3, "The Hobbit," "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Prometheus" and many others, is now available for rent in Sin City! You can also check out other movies shot on Red Digital Cinema cameras. For pro results, use the tool the pros use...

The Red Epic-X can:

  • Shoot up to 5K digital images! (That's 5x the resolution of HD... and even sharper than 35mm film!)
  • Future-proof your movie for the next generation of 4K theaters and TV's
  • Shoot extreme slow-motion HD... up to 300fps!
  • Capture multiple light levels at the same time
  • Be configured to accept various lens packages and other accessories
  • Offer unparalleled flexibility on the set and in post production

Check out what's included in our Red Epic packages or contact us for availability and a custom quote.

  scarlet-x RED camera