HoverJibs flying in Las VegasLas Vegas Aerial Photography

Our flagship mobility platforms include a pair of precision HoverJibsYour production can now achieve studio-level shots that are sure to impress audiences. These tiny, nimble RC platforms can complement or replace traditional ground-based jibs & cranes or even full-size helicopters.

Whether you’re advertising a car, home, business or building, exploring hard-to-reach places or just dreaming up new shots that have never existed before, you can now turn your video into a professional movie.

Our “A” HoverJib comes standard with a Sony NEX-7, shooting larger-than-life HD for up to 12 minutes at a time. It can also reconfigure to carry a GoPro or other DSLR (up to 7 pounds).

The “B” HoverJib can carry up to 12 pounds (including a minimal Epic or Scarlet) for up to 7 minutes. Both aerial cameras come with 4 batteries and on-the-go charging for full-day usage.

Our Aerial Unit can complement your production with either one or both HoverJib units, along with adequate crew, power and support equipment. We can fly in reasonably windy weather with gyro-stabilized precision, and we maintain 100% safety and customer satisfaction records. 

Tell us your dream shots, and we’ll help them fly!


6-24′ Jimmy Jib

with wired remote control for pan, tilt or tracking shot! Operators and assistants also available. 

jib crane



The Element Technica Mantis

is a hand-held operator’s dream,

and comes standard with any Red Epic or Scarlet package rental.


Varavon Slider with Bogen Head

 7′ Kessler Crane Cineslider (with off-road mounts and hard plastic case), or

Varavon 4′ Slide Cam (with Bogen 501 Head)

Custom-built steadicam-type harness

Custom-built “steadicam” type harness

Cineskates for DLSR cameras, great for a small-radius dolly shots and moving over a curved surface.


Here are some simple test shots (with no production value): Watch it on YouTube.


Please use our contact page to receive a full list of available options!

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